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When Arendal Sound set out to create the 1723 series, we knew there were good reasons why people would want a smaller, monitor style speaker. Correctly realised, such a speaker would be more than ample for even relatively large rooms when used with a subwoofer and of course, by using three across the front of a surround sound system, a perfect tonal match is assured. This is obvious information and yet people in exactly this situation will prefer tower type speakers, simply because they have a cleaner, room friendly look. They will pay for drivers they may not need, just for the aesthetics. And no wonder. Looking around, most stands capable of holding a speaker like The 1723 Monitor effectively, look like refugees from the Brooklyn Road Bridge! There are lots of choices out there and they’re all in one size fits nobody.

All our 1723 speakers are Certified by the very strict testing protocols of THX Ultra where each speaker must pass a set of 400 measurements. The THX Certification does not mean it is a dedicated home speaker, but rather a guarantee of tight consistency within well-established acoustic parameters. THX Certification is as much about music, as for movies.

The engineers at THX Labs utilize a proprietary scientific testing methodology to ensure the highest audio fidelity possible. All 1723 speakers passed the THX Ultra Certification without any change to the products, meaning our standards already exceed THX Ultra level out of the box!






Included Spikes kit. 2 x Cable brackets w/screws. Speaker brackets w/screws.
Dimensions without feet 51.5H x 27.5W x 40D cm
Dimensions with rubber cones 52.7H x 27.5W x 40D cm
Dimensions with spikes kit 55.6H x 37W x 40D cm
Weight 13.9 kg (including spikes kit, without mass)


Higher density and naturally better damped than MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), using HDF (High Density Fiberboard) results in a sonically inert cabinet. We use no plastic parts.


As The 1723 Stand is effectively a hollow, if rather massive box, there was the opportunity to provide mass loading, lowering the system center of gravity and providing a mass energy sink to further damp the entire assembly.


We took a look at what spikes actually do and then applied straight-forward, uncompromising engineering to deliver an effective, attractive solution that doesn’t cost the earth.


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‘The’ Stand for your 1723 Monitors

5.0 rating
April 12, 2018

1723 Stand: If you own the 1723 Monitors and you’re looking for some support stands for them, do them a favour and don’t look anywhere else. These Stands fit the exact contour and finish of your Monitors with the same superior finish and build that you get with the speakers themselves. There’s no loss of detail with all the hardware and cable management for a secure fixing either. Each plate is rubber backed for a secure and scratch free fixing. The accessory pack has all the floor fixings you’ll need, nicely finished bars, rubber feet and machined spikes to add a really nice touch. There’s also the option to mass load the Stands to add some ballast. This can add stability and help to provide some extra weight to the sound also. Don’t try to find alternative stands that won’t fit. Yes, these may be more expensive than some other stands you’ll find but they exactly match the contour, finish and style of the Monitors. Don’t compromise, just get these and save yourself some hassle.

Kevin M.

Fantastic impressive bass reproduction and overall sound scheme spendid

5.0 rating
February 20, 2018

1723 Stand: Excellent sound & superb build quality.

Jacob G.

Arendal Speaker system update

5.0 rating
November 16, 2017

1723 Center Stand: Having bought a speaker stand for my center speaker I am taking the opportunity to update my initial reviews The angle on the stand buy pointing my centre speaker towards the MLP has massively improved intelligibility of dialogue very very please that I added it to my existing system. I have had a full Arendal system since they were introduced to market some 19 month ago The Arendal system of 1723 L/C/R Monitors 1723 Surround speakers and 2 x Sub 3’s never fail to impress with there detail and dynamics. I have said on more than one occasion after years of owning various high spec speakers I cant see the need to upgrade my speakers again. Whether it is music or movies Arendal products deliver exactly whats required. Along with excellent customer support and a buy and try business model I am a very satisfied customer Regards Andy

Andrew M.

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Luckily for you and for us, Arendal Sound products are extremely durable products which have gone through extreme stress tests during development.


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